February 14, 2015

What is SEO?

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SEO is the science/art of how a website is created to attract the right sort of search traffic to it. It’s easy to get any old traffic to a website, but there is a certain degree of expertise required to create a website that gathers the right sort of traffic from search engines.

Your website needs to be both discovered by search engines and indexed for keywords which match your products and services; this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. SEO is part science, part art, and to be done effectively requires in depth knowledge and expertise – Aykira understands how to do effective SEO. We have been doing so for years.

The specialist SEO techniques we use include:

  • Well written content designed to be read by visitors, and loved by spiders (programs that search engines use to crawl over websites);
  • Clean, uncluttered code (so the spiders don’t lost);
  • Simple navigation systems;
  • Quick loading graphics & content;
  • Prudent use of bells and whistles (we don’t want to over do it);
  • Site maps (so the search engines know what to index);
  • Websites that show up in local searches;
  • An in depth analysis of traffic patterns and the actual website usage.

At our core Aykira provides cost effective expert SEO services for businesses and strive to deliver results that will help  businesses grow – we will make your website rank well in search results. You don’t have to take our word for it that we know what we are doing – see our testimonials  .

We focus on growing the right traffic for your website so you get conversions to leads and ongoing business, your website needs to be a ‘profit center’ and we will help you achieve that.

We perform SEO on all websites, regardless of the technology or hosting environment used; but, if you host your website with us, we apply powerful SEO techniques that cannot be done elsewhere. We also have in experience utilising WordPress to create SEO effective websites.

We understand every website has two audiences – the ‘human’ and the ‘machine’ audiences. Both need to be accommodated to be successful online. To do this requires content and technical expertise combined. 

At Aykira is we will also educate you on the techniques on how to manage content on your website to keep improving its SEO qualities over time. Who else has the confidence & depth of expert skills to do that?

For instance, SEO and AdWords are actually interconnected? Have good SEO and your AdWords spend will go that much further, have bad SEO and you will pay over the odds for clicks – did anyone tell you that before you committed to an AdWords campaign? Interesting how that seems to get missed…

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Did you reach this page via Google? If so, thats immediate proof of our skills, as we have SEO tuned this website.

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Tobruk Sheep Station came to us with an old fashioned website which was not truly reflecting their services and available accommodation choices. We developed a website for them which allowed online bookings. In addition extensive SEO work was done on their site to make them rank well on Google for Sheep Stations and associated terms in the Sydney region (see the search for ‘Sheep Station near Sydney’)

They were also given training on how to use social media effectively.

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Property Solutions Australia needed a website company that could understand and implement a website accurately reflecting their business vision. We provided advice on the website structure and how best to achieve their objectives, and in addition how to maximise SEO & online marketing in the highly competitive property space in Sydney.

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Effective & Expert SEO Matters to your online business performance

If you want to improve website traffic and hence your returns, contact your local Sydney based SEO consultants today by filling in our contact form or by calling (02) 8407 8060.

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