July 19, 2015

Website Analysis Tool

Is your website pulling its weight? How do you know?

  Aykira has developed an easy to use tool to help….


keywords-for-seo2Getting your website to do its best for your business requires a lot of expert knowledge and technical know how. Your website needs to both appeal to the human audience and the machine audience (the search engines like Google). In all likelihood this is not a skill set you possess – so this leaves you with finding someone who you think knows how to do this and trusting them.

For you this is a big risk, given you do not really understand what it is they are doing or whether it was successful or not until long after they have gone; they could have taken you on a wild ride and charged you royally to boot.

But what if you don’t need to trust to such a degree and have a way of analysing the quality of your website directly, on your own, in plain English? This is where the Website Checker comes in..

Essentially the Website Checker analyses your website and produces a set of score metrics about a webpage that measures:

  • Performance – loading speed really matters, both for people visiting your website and the search engines;
  • Security – an insecure site can be a nightmare and search engines have ways of detecting ‘bad’ sites and not indexing them;
  • SEO – how well the page is put together to support being ranked highly in search engines;
  • Mobile Support – does the page display well on mobiles and tablets – very important given over 40% of all internet traffic comes from mobile & tablet devices. Search engines also check for mobile support.

From this you can make a quick determination of the quality of that webpage. For instance see the report header below for one of the pages on this very site:

header of a website analysis report

You get an overall score (all scores are out of 100) – then next to it you get a graphic that gives you a quick visual indication of how good (or bad) things are – ranging from 3 red crosses (terrible) to 3 green ticks (perfection). So in the above summary you can quickly see that for mobile this web page is excellent, yet for SEO, Performance and Security there is some work to be done – but on the whole a lot more is good than bad. The actual report in full is here if you want to look, but we suggest you keep reading.

Using the Website Checker in practice

Now lets have a look at a page that is in need of some work…


This time it is clear something is wrong, we got 2 red ticks and an overall score of 67 – not a great score, certainly room for improvement (you can see the actual report in full here). In fact the Website Checker has worked out what is wrong with the web page and given two recommendations concerning a lack of SEO on the page and a lack of content.

Okay, so lets fix this page and do exactly what it says in the detail sections of the report. In the SEO section it flags that:

  • The meta description is missing – this is the fragment of text displayed by most search engines (opps!)
  • No sitemap file – so the site is difficult to index for search engines.
  • Lack of common keywords in general between the web page title and the content.
  • A lack of actual textual content.

Lets fix this, rerun the analysis and see what the Website Checker says now:


Great! The SEO score has gone up and as a result the overall score has moved up (see the new report here). This should result in the page indexing better on Google, plus some of the changes (like adding a sitemap) improve the SEO for the whole site – bonus all round!

Now, we are able to make these changes because we understand the website technology, but equally you could have generated these reports, sent them to someone to make the changes highlighted in the reports and then run the reports afterwards to make sure they did what was required. You do not need to be the  technical expert, the Website Checker is on your behalf – you just have the reports generated and monitor the scores, all the detail below the scores is really for the technical experts to guide them.

Additional Features, there’s more…

The Website Checker also determines

  • Accessibility – how easy (or not) the webpage is to use, particularly for the disabled or visually impaired.
  • Search Engine Marketing – checks if the webpage is configured properly to use as part of an online marketing campaign.

Plus, if you have a Google Analytics account set up for your website, you can turn on the ability to see your key website metrics right in the report. No hopping around different services to see the critical info on your website traffic.

Who is the Website Checker tool for?

  • Website owners serious about making their websites work for their business and keeping a lid on costs.
  • Website developers who want a one stop tool to ensure they have everything spot on and want to prove it to their clients. A good way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd.
  • SEO/SEM agencies looking for a way to combine analysis of SEO and SEM in the one tool and improve the results for their clients.


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