February 16, 2014

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Website Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most popular forms of company marketing today. The internet is now a preferred method to communicate. Online marketing, where products and services are promoted, can facilitate customer engagement through various strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing and email marketing.

Aykira can implement online marketing strategies to help take your business to the next level and keep you on track. We have an intimate knowledge and wealth of experience, to ensure your company maximises its internet marketing potential.

Marketing can be done in a range of ways, however Aykira focuses on the method that over 80% of potential customers use to locate products and services on the web. These are search engines.

Our primary focus from the first minute we start designing and building your website

So many websites provide entertaining animation and colourful images that are certainly entertaining. But how many are search engine friendly? Not many. When we look behind the scenes, most flashy animation and many text files just can’t be recognised by search engines due to how the site is constructed. If you want to include these features, you must plan for them to work for you from the initial design stage. It can be a complete waste of your money building a great looking website without any form of optimisation.

How do search engines work?

There are three main parts to a search engine:

1. Spiders

No, not the eight-legged variety! Search engines send out electronic “spiders” to crawl around websites and follow networks of links within the site and to and from other sites. The sort of information they look for are keywords and keyphrases and well constructed content – words or phrases in your site that indicate the subject of the site.

2. The Almighty Index

Once the spider has searched and crawled through the pages of your website, they add it to a massive index of websites. Only after a page has been crawled and indexed it is available to those who use the search engine.

3. Results Pages

When one of your potential customers search using a particular keyword or keyphrase, the search engine trawls through the millions of pages that have been indexed, then displays the relevant pages as results listed in order of relevance.

Sounds easy, so why can’t I see my site when I do a search?

Due to the MASSIVE number of websites out there, competition for common keywords and keyphrases is pretty stiff.

If your company website has not been optimised and promoted with search engines in mind, there is little chance of you appearing first in a search, or even on the first page of results, because in the search engine’s eyes, your site just isn’t as relevant as the others.

And if your website has been built in Flash with lots of animations and images, you may have a problem in terms of search engines indexing your site. Spiders will recognize your index or home page, but that’s where they will stop. They won’t find your site content which is generally constructed and embedded in the one Flash file. To a spider, there is only one page that exists in relation to these types of sites – which will not do you much good when it comes to high page rankings on search engines.

Aykira can help with our Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Promotion expertise.

Here’s a run-down of what we can do:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Company Websites

In the eyes of the search engines, it’s just not enough to have a pretty website.

If you have already entrusted your website design and development to us, you can rest assured that we create every single new website to be search engine friendly. Some of the techniques we use are:

  • Well written content that is designed to be read by visitors, and loved by spiders;
  • Clean, uncluttered code (so the spiders don’t get tangled up);
  • Glaringly obvious, simple navigation systems;
  • Quick loading graphics;
  • Prudent use of bells and whistles (we don’t want to scare the spiders off);
  • Site maps (so the little fellas don’t get lost);

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Company Websites

Search Engine Marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. You can’t have one without the other!

To rank well, search engines need to see that a website has value – which simply put is based on how many websites link to the site in question.

Because each website is different, our SEM service is personalised for every site. Each campaign often requires a different approach. It’s an organic process that can’t be rushed and does take time to get lasting results.

To find out more about the Search Engine Marketing process and some of the techniques we use, give us a call, we would be glad to discuss how we can improve your search engine rankings.

Our Online Marketing Strategy

To make a website an effective marketing tool a successful online marketing strategy must be formulated and put into place. Aykira have many years experience in online marketing ensuring they offer the best solution for your business.

Our specialists uses a six step process to deliver online marketing strategies.

These are:

  • We research your business & market segment;
  • We undertake a website analysis;
  • We plan and formulate the correct marketing strategy;
  • We design our campaign;
  • We implement the campaign;
  • We monitor the results.

So – what are the benefits to your business?

1. Consumer Convenience

Online marketing lets your users research and purchase your goods or services at their own convenience and in their own time.

2. Proven, Measurable and Trackable Results

Online marketing strategies and statistics can be tracked and measured simply and inexpensively. It allows us to determine which marketing strategy is successful. These results can be calculated and tracked immediately, unlike the usual traditional advertising methods.

Aykira are leading providers of online marketing services, substantially increasing profits and gaining results for our clients businesses. Aykira is based in Sydney.

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