January 18, 2024

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 designLooking for A Digital Agency nearby ?

Are you based in ? Aykira can certainly help you.
We are a local Sydney based Website Agency who specialises in building secure business websites that are:

  • SEO optimized by experts – rank strongly in search results that are relevant to your business;
  • Attractive and informative – simple to navigate and well-designed website;
  • Mobile ready – looks good on mobiles, tablets & desktop,  future-proofed;
  • Secure – no worries about having your website or email be hacked, we do what is required to make it secure;
  • Fast – no long waits for the site to load, good for your customers and SEO alike;
  • Reliable – it just keeps going 24×7;
  • Easy to update & manage – alter the website yourself, you can do it in confidence without us.
  • Extendable – add in E-Commerce, Social Media, Booking systems, Listings, Advanced SEO packages, etc – as your online business needs grow without problems.

At Aykira we understand that a good website is critical to future business success. The website needs to correctly promote your business online and your products and services to the best of its ability.

Unlike other Technology Consultancies we understand websites and online services top to bottom; we are Internet technology experts who can do everything online. We don’t just use web design programs, we write the programs & build websites directly; that is our difference & it allows us to do things that other consultancies literally cannot touch as they do not have the skills or knowledge set. By way of example is this very page – it’s produced by our own SEO code for websites – good isn’t it?

 social media

Unlike other agencies, we can tie together all the different aspects of website design & development, SEO, Hosting, Social Media and online marketing and provide you with quality that delivers. Remember there is no point in having a flashy website if it attracts zero traffic, it all needs to work together constantly.

We also ensure that your website is set up so you know exactly how people are using and accessing it. This is essential to fine-tuning SEO, as well as ensuring you get the most out of your online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads. In fact, SEO and Google Ads actually go ‘hand in hand’ – have good SEO and your Google Ads spending will go much further, and your cost per click will drop – it’s true!.

This leads nicely into another point of difference with Aykira, we will provide a proposal for you upfront and give you costed options on what can be done. We will also provide advice as to what we think should be in your website to make it work the best for your business. We understand that a website is an investment in the online marketing of your business and it should be designed & developed to generate the best returns.

We can also help with integrating your website into your business processes and systems. We are often called in to integrate or ‘scale up’ online operations to take them to the next level.

So whether you are looking for A Digital Agency in or an Internet business with more expert services – contact Aykira today via our contact form .