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  • Arduino Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sensor interfacing - My project of tying together various sensors to work out what is happening around the property is taking shape. I just took delivery of the Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sensor a few days ago, cost $99 plus postage from Ocean Controls.  A nifty little unit that makes use of the same technology as rain sensors[...]
  • Arduino Clones and DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor - As previously mentioned, to diversify my techie skills (and its fun), I have a little side home DIY project on the go to achieve the following: Create a RS485 network, to allow me to easily connect together multiple Arduino’s over a distributed network. Gateway said RS485 network onto the Ethernet network in the house Get[...]
  • Arduino, RS485, mixed powers and multiple devices - As mentioned previously  you need to be very careful when using multiple sources of power that are coupled by a common rail – nasty things can happen which will ruin your day (as well let all the critical magic smoke out). Luckily for me my power supplies are able to work well together and not fry[...]
  • Arduino and multiple power sources – things to watch out for… - As I mentioned previously , I had a need to double check that the 5v USB supply from my laptop was floating with respect to my lab power supply. I measured a no load difference on the 0v lines of around 120v – which raised the obvious concern that if I connected these two 0v[...]
  • Propel, custom Behaviors, Composer and Git – how to get it all working - After having spent a bit of time trying to work out how to get Propel and Composer to play nicely together, I thought it would be helpful to write up a little aid for those going through similar pains… The end game is to have your custom behaviors ‘live’ in their own Git repo to[...]