Moving WordPress sites

Moving a WordPress site to another hosting provider can sometimes not go exactly to plan. Listed below are some common problems that can occur and how to fix them. Blank page.. Did you actually put the website directly ‘in’ the public_html directory and not in a subdirectory? Most cPanel installations serve the main site straight Read more about Moving WordPress sites[…]

Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do

When setting up a new website there are several key elements you need to get right from the start. 1. Setup Google Webmaster As soon as your website is live, you should really set it up to linked up to Google Webmaster, this will allow you to: Track what search terms on Google your website Read more about Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do[…]

Is WordPress Secure? Can you build complex websites with WordPress?

I read with interest an article in a local Norwest publication making the claim that due to WordPress being widely used and Open Source it is a security risk.. Also that due to it being ‘unsophisticated’ you cannot do complex websites on it. These statements are so wrong and ill considered it’s difficult to know Read more about Is WordPress Secure? Can you build complex websites with WordPress?[…]

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS), used on over 17 million websites worldwide. We can do custom WordPress development. WordPress is a highly flexible CMS, allowing people to operate a whole variety of websites, such as: Blogging sites Simple static Business sites E-Commerce Sites Online Directories Community Networks WordPress Development Service Read more about WordPress Developer[…]

Google Analytics Control Plus WordPress Plugin

We have just made available a free plug-in for WordPress that takes care of setting up Google Analytics and any of the options you may have turned on, like: User demographics tracking Enhanced Link Attribution Usually to turn these on requires editing the Google Analytics JavaScript directly, which can be a bit of a fiddle Read more about Google Analytics Control Plus WordPress Plugin[…]