Common Security Mistakes That Business Website Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

Cybercriminals and Internet fraudsters are singling out e-commerce sites and blogs of small businesses for their unscrupulous attacks. Nevertheless, as a business website owner, you can enact some simple precautions to thwart the evil designs of these unwanted intruders. The “Fort Disco” Botnet’s Brute-Force Tactic Both small business networks, as well as, their websites are[…]

The Importance of Website Loading Speed & Top 3 Factors That Limit Website Speed

The speed of your business website matters. Quick-loading websites perform better on every front: higher search ranking, superior user experience, and better user engagement. Most importantly, fast-loading websites deliver higher conversions and higher revenue. Slow Websites Hinder Mobile Traffic If you’re targeting mobile traffic and income (who isn’t), your website speed becomes even more critical.[…]

Nightmare Hosting

A Clients Hosting Providers Upgrade Nightmare (or not how to do it)…

Thought I’d share this tail of woe one of our clients just experienced… We have just done a complete redesign of their website and fixed several technical problems in the site, as well as making it fully responsive. We DO NOT host them (although we will be soon, with a few others in tow), we[…]