Moving WordPress sites

Moving a WordPress site to another hosting provider can sometimes not go exactly to plan. Listed below are some common problems that can occur and how to fix them. Blank page.. Did you actually put the website directly ‘in’ the public_html directory and not in a subdirectory? Most cPanel installations serve the main site straight Read more about Moving WordPress sites[…]

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Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do

When setting up a new website there are several key elements you need to get right from the start. 1. Setup Google Webmaster As soon as your website is live, you should really set it up to linked up to Google Webmaster, this will allow you to: Track what search terms on Google your website Read more about Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do[…]

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Website Analytics Graph

Growing your website traffic

Growing your website traffic is like any endeavour worth doing, it takes a certain degree of determination and focus combined with some knowledge and helpful tools & resources. You can grow your website traffic, it is possible – but you must understand this is not something that will occur overnight. There is no magic bullet Read more about Growing your website traffic[…]

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latest Internet Trends Report 2014

KPCB have just released their latest internet trends report, see here . For us it comes as no surprise that: Smart phone usage to access the Internet is still on the increase; Tablet usage is exploding (faster than uptake on PC’s ever!); Majority (97%) of mobile OS’es are either iOS, Android or Windows mobile; Video Read more about latest Internet Trends Report 2014[…]

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What is SEO?

SEO, simply put, is the science/art of designing and implementing a website so that it shows up well in search results for ¬†searches that are related to the website content. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming more critical for websites to attract traffic and is of particular importance to business websites to inform people about Read more about What is SEO?[…]

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Online Marketing Strategies for Websites

Online marketing strategies for online businesses can often mean the difference between success and failure. With so many people using the Internet to discover and choose Products and Services being seen online is becoming a necessity for a modern business. It used to be that having a listing in Yellow Pages and depending on word Read more about Online Marketing Strategies for Websites[…]

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Website Design & Development

[section background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none”] [two_third valign=”top” animation=”none”] We see your website as an integral and key part of your business. Aykira are specialists in recognising how to maximise your online presence.We develop your website in order to: Capture more visitors to your site that convert to clients/sales; Capture your client | user information; Read more about Website Design & Development[…]