Software Architect Security – what does defense by depth mean on the cloud?

According to a recent report – security looks to be a top concern among Software Architects. In this article I go into detail on one of the core ways in which you can achieve dependable security in evolving online systems – namely defense by depth. What is defense by depth? Simply put this is where one[…]

software architecture skills, top 5

Software Architect skills, the top 5

Software Architects need a combination of skills to be able to succeed and deliver designs that are long lived and able to provide strong commercial value to a business. Below I list what I consider to be the top 5 skills in order to be a good Software Architect. #1 Able to listen and confirm[…]

The Business Impact of Software Architecture

In the business world, the architecture of a software system often has a profound impact on the long-term success of the business using it. Such an impact is in no way static and can change markedly with: Costs of maintenance and development; Availability of skills and expertise; Changes or developments in the problem space it was[…]