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Growing your website traffic

Growing your website traffic is like any endeavour worth doing, it takes a certain degree of determination and focus combined with some knowledge and helpful tools & resources. You can grow your website traffic, it is possible – but you must understand this is not something that will occur overnight. There is no magic bullet Read more about Growing your website traffic[…]

Website Checker Soft Launch

We have just finished putting together an online tool for website owners or developers who are looking for a one stop place to check their websites. See The idea for the tool came from a core frustration with how bad most websites we came across were in terms of: Very Slow Performance – Taking absolutely Read more about Website Checker Soft Launch[…]

Don’t be invisible online

Matt Cutts from Google explains in the video below exactly why you need a website for your business… It’s pretty simple really, if you don’t have a website and depend upon having entries in Yellow Pages and the like, then literally the only people who are going to find you are: People who have already Read more about Don’t be invisible online[…]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  Website Marketing Online marketing is one of the most popular forms of company marketing today. The internet is now a preferred method to communicate. Online marketing, where products and services are promoted, can facilitate customer engagement through various strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing and email marketing. Aykira can implement Read more about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)[…]

Remarketing, What it is, How to do it and How it Helps Your Business

This article explains what remarketing is, how to do remarketing and how it will benefit your businesses online marketing efforts. What is Remarketing? Remarketing your products or services involves using cookies to continue promoting your products or services to users after they have exited your business website. Remarketing ads offers a great opportunity to reach Read more about Remarketing, What it is, How to do it and How it Helps Your Business[…]