SEO dangers of one box hosting…

Something we have noticed is that people seem to be very keen to try and minimise their hosting costs, by getting the cheapest plan available and then putting all their websites into the one account. On the one hand this can be very good strategy at reducing recurrent costs, but if done ‘blindly’ it can[…]

Website Checker Soft Launch

We have just finished putting together an online tool for website owners or developers who are looking for a one stop place to check their websites. See The idea for the tool came from a core frustration with how bad most websites we came across were in terms of: Very Slow Performance – Taking absolutely[…]

Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects

Google has just recently announced that your website being mobile responsive will be taken into account when they ‘rank’ your website in their index. What does this mean? Basically if your website does not display well on mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets) they will mark down your website in the searches –[…]

What is SEO?

[section background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none”] [three_fifth valign=”top” animation=”none”] SEO is the science/art of how a website is created to attract the right sort of search traffic to it. It’s easy to get any old traffic to a website, but there is a certain degree of expertise required to create a website that gathers the[…]

Cost Effective SEO

[section background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none”] [three_fifth valign=”top” animation=”none”] SEO can be done cost effectively, in fact if its done right it can also save you money on SEM… Your website needs to be discoverable by search engines and indexed for keywords which match your products and services, this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)[…]

SEO Experts Sydney

SEO experts in Sydney, the real deal, go no further! Aykira has in depth experience in creating or enhancing website SEO so that they rank well in Google & Bing using advanced SEO techniques. The Sydney SEO market is awash with so called ‘experts’ in SEO – we are different, and here is how: We[…]

Top 5 Vital SEO Tips for Small Business Website Owners

>A downloadable document giving 5 top tips for small business website owners. Inorder to help small businesses with SEO basics, which you need to get right before you explore anything like Social Media and paid for advertising, we have created a document you can download below which details 5 top SEO tips for small business[…]

Social Media for Small Business, Presentation

Attached to this post is a presentation on Social Media for Business I just did to the BNI Prosperity Chamber in Baulkham Hills. Social Media for Business is becoming an essential undertaking to gather custom. The presentation below describes how significant it truely is and then provides some easy to follow pointers and advice on[…]

Pay per click Advertising – is your SEO right? Are you wasting money?

Yes, hard to believe but when you compete on Google for position in their Pay per click advertising, the SEO of your site plays an important part in how effective that advertising spend is. Let me explain. The ‘Magic’ of the bidding process Google uses a complex algorithm to work out who wins out in[…]