Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects

Google has just recently announced that your website being mobile responsive will be taken into account when they ‘rank’ your website in their index. What does this mean? Basically if your website does not display well on mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets) they will mark down your website in the searches – Read more about Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects[…]

latest Internet Trends Report 2014

KPCB have just released their latest internet trends report, see here . For us it comes as no surprise that: Smart phone usage to access the Internet is still on the increase; Tablet usage is exploding (faster than uptake on PC’s ever!); Majority (97%) of mobile OS’es are either iOS, Android or Windows mobile; Video Read more about latest Internet Trends Report 2014[…]

Internet Consumption Around The World

The infographic below (by¬† shows some truly amazing global trends occurring in the usage of the Internet worldwide. Of particular interest to me is the rise in smart phones being used as a means to consume Internet based services. This trend (combined with tablet usage) shows no signs of slowing down. To me this just Read more about Internet Consumption Around The World[…]

Technology Predictions 2014

We look into the crystal ball and try to predict what the technology trends for 2014 will be… So, what is going to happen technology wise in 2014…¬† Time to buff up that crystal ball.. #1 Wearables and wrists.. Even more than now, we will find the wearable technology creeping more and more into our Read more about Technology Predictions 2014[…]