Why, How, What and what it means to your website

Below is a thought provoking video by Simon Sinek on TED. He talks about the different modes of communication used by those who can inspire and lead change. It also offers an interesting insight into how you should author a website to create conversions… Got you thinking haven’t I? I’ve also included below a video[…]

Pay per click Advertising – is your SEO right? Are you wasting money?

Yes, hard to believe but when you compete on Google for position in their Pay per click advertising, the SEO of your site plays an important part in how effective that advertising spend is. Let me explain. The ‘Magic’ of the bidding process Google uses a complex algorithm to work out who wins out in[…]

Online advertising, are you wasting your money?

The idea for this post came out after encountering two clients within 24 hours who were both spending thousands a month on online advertising and coming to the realisation that it was doing little if anything to contribute to their businesses. The Quality of your site matters! Something most people do not realise is that[…]