Software Development Contracting

cog-smDo you have a skills deficit in your engineering team?

Aykira extends your ability to provide software solutions to your business problems.

We can:

  • Develop full stack systems from scratch at scale
  • Refactor existing systems or migrate and retire as required
  • Develop modules and components for existing frameworks
  • Work alongside existing engineering teams to ensure quality and raise skills

Aykira has an extensive technical development background:

  • 20 years of online systems development covering all scale points
  • Expert development skills set in PHP, C, C++ and Java on the UNIX platform
  • Expert skills in online security and regulatory requirements (privacy, financial, etc).

We often get involved with start-ups and businesses to fill a technical skills gap and help ensure the software systems they are developing are secure, reliable and enable to meet the future needs of the business.

Contacting Aykira

If you would like to arrange a call with us then please fill in the form below. We fully respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone else.
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