Software Systems Architecture

computergearsAre you getting the business return you expected from your technology investment?

Aykira provides in depth software systems architecture skills either to lead business projects or to supplement a temporary deficit in your software development team. This helps ensure your getting the best from your investment in technology.

We can analysis the following:

  • High Level system architecture: technologies, inter-dependencies, technical debt.
  • Code Reviews: how well put together a system is.
  • Technology life-cycle: engineering skills fit, costs of operation, replacement costs/risks.
  • Security: weaknesses and ways to address.
  • External Dependencies: packages, suppliers, standards.
  • Frameworks: Off the shelf, open-source, bespoke.
  • Business Objective Fit: missed opportunities, competitive advantages.

Systems Architecture Planning Critical to Success

We consider a well thought out and planned Systems Architecture to be critical to long term business success; without such a technical roadmap it is often difficult to know if what is being done is actually helping a business or hindering it. Also it becomes very difficult to deal with unexpected changes with confidence, as you have no clear picture of the consequences and actions required.

A good systems architecture is also a strong indication that engineering is being done correctly and with the right visibility and consultation to ensure a successful outcome – its very much the ‘glue’ that enables an engineering team to work effectively.

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, it’s unthinkable that you would even try – to us the same rule applies to software systems on the cloud.


Aykira has over 15 years of experience in scaling cloud architecture with blue-chip companies internationally, producing innovative technical design solutions and patents. We know how to approach Software Architecture at scale correctly and how to ensure the right outcomes.

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