March 9, 2014

SEO for Small Business

SEO for small businessSmall businesses find it increasingly difficult to make themselves heard; especially online. Fortunately SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the ways a small business can fight back online and if done right, fight back hard.

SEO need not be expensive for your Business

SEO, as practised by certain web or SEO consultancies, can be a very expensive undertaking indeed, costings thousands of dollars a year for not much in return. All you get is a pretty but complex set of reports (which don’t mean anything to you anyways) and demand for payment for 6 months of same – sound familiar?

At Aykira we focus on doing SEO on your website once and doing it well. SEO is a long term strategy online, it won’t bring instant rewards – but if your website is set up right, it can act as a multiplier for anything else you do related to your website online; for instance do you know that:

  • The Quality of the SEO on your website directly impacts how much you have to spend competing for keywords on AdWords – the better the SEO the cheaper the winning bids;
  • The quality of the SEO on your website impacts on the effectiveness of Social Media campaigns – it helps with effective social sharing and engagement.
  • As SEO gathers more traffic for your website you do not have pay in proportion to that traffic, i.e. x10  the traffic does not equal ten times to cost in SEO.

Also once the SEO is set up correctly, techniques like ‘offsite’ SEO can be employed to further magnify your websites ability to attract traffic.

We are the Sydney SEO experts

The experts at Aykira have been involved with websites and SEO for over 17 years. We know how to set up SEO so it effective and cost efficient. How do you think you found this page?

We want to see your business grow online and get the returns it deserves? We can help.

Not convinced? Well, we also will provide you with a basic understanding of what you need to do right on your website to keep improving its SEO. We will also show you how to properly use Social Media to your benefit; all for a fixed price. We will also ensure your website is set up to be measuring the traffic and what matters to your business (i.e. leads, sales or enquiries).

Talk to us today by calling 8407 8060 or contact us and get on the right track.

Remember – SEO done right just works, it does not require constant tweaking and billing – thats a sign of someone who does not know what they are doing and you are paying for their lack of skills as a result.

Take a step up and take control, talk to us today.