Sydney Startup & Innovation News

Below is a selection of the latest news articles relating to start-up business in and around Sydney, with a focus on innovation and funding. This is updated about every 30 minutes from all news sources that directly relate to Australia. We hope you find this list useful. Start Up Network in Australia… [RSSjb location=”au” topic=”b” Read more about Sydney Startup & Innovation News[…]

User Authentication, you must do it right!

I must admit, one of my all time pet peeves is when engineers do not implement their user authentication service in the right way to be defendable against an attack. Take for the instance the recent hack against Zomato in which they had 6.6m hashed user passwords stolen. The real problem here is not that the Read more about User Authentication, you must do it right![…]

Start-up Incubators in Sydney

Below are a list of Start-Up Incubators that currently operate in Sydney and are principally Australia/Sydney focussed. Note: I have not incubators which are part of a global chain or organisation, these are ‘home grown’ incubators only… BTW if you think I’ve missed someone that should be on this list – let me know. Cicada Read more about Start-up Incubators in Sydney[…]

Start-ups, Investment and Education in Australia: we need to do better

(This is a copy of a post I recently wrote on LinkedIN). I read Stuart McKeown’s post ‘Why Being an Australian Startup Sucks’ with interest. Especially in light of the recent failure of 99dresses and the in-depth exposé of the roller coaster Nicki Durkin went through. On the face of it Stuart’s article indicates that Read more about Start-ups, Investment and Education in Australia: we need to do better[…]

Software Systems Architecture

Are you getting the business return you expected from your technology investment? Are you complying with all the privacy regulations? Aykira provides in-depth software systems architecture skills either to lead business projects or to supplement expertise in your technology teams. This helps to ensure you’re getting the best from your investment in technology. We can audit Read more about Software Systems Architecture[…]

website SEO marketing

Looking for ? based in ? Aykira can help you. Unlike other Technology we understand websites and online services top to bottom; we are Internet technology experts who can do everything online. We don’t just use web design programs, we write the programs & build websites directly; that is our difference & it allows us Read more about website SEO marketing[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 24th April

Below is our selection of news and events in the Australian start-up community for the week so far. A little bit light with this week being wedged between Easter and Anzac Day. TechCrunch calls out Australia’s venture capital issues, but get a key fact wrong It appears that TechCrunch got in hot water by overstating Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 24th April[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 17th April

Below is our roundup of startup news in Australia for the week. Guy Kawasaki Aims to Democratize Design Through Aussie Startup Canva Quite a biggie this, Guy Kawasaki has joined the startup Canva, based in Sydney, as their Chief Evangelist according to this article in xconomy. Unfortunately he won’t be based in Sydney, but it Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 17th April[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 10th April

In a world first, Australian bank invests in peer-to-peer lending startup This article in Startup Smart covers the Westpac’s Reinventure Group recently announced a $5 million investment in Sydney-based  peer-to-peer lender SocietyOne. Australian VC calls on others to “write cheques” to encourage female entrepreneurs In this article in Smart Company, Adrian Stone challenges investors to Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 10th April[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 27th March

Four ways to boost Australian innovation An interesting article in Australian Mining of all places that covers some techniques on how to get funding for innovative ideas. When your first idea is over: Sidekicker on the pressures of pivoting When to pivot (change strategic direction), the age old question. In this article by Rose Powell Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 27th March[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 20th March

Equity crowd-funding for start-ups just a tweak away According to an article in the Australian Financial Review, we could be a hairs bredth away from equity crowd-funding in Australia (for those who can’t get past the pay-wall of print media doom see here instead for a similar article). Don’t kill your startup by heading to Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 20th March[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 13th March

Hi, this round-up of news related to Australia Start-ups I’m aiming to write about every one to two weeks. If there is anything you want to see covered, let me know – Enjoy!   Keith When start-ups become grown-ups, where do they go for money? In this article,  Sam Chandler argues that Australia’s innovation funding environment is Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 13th March[…]


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Marry Me Marry Website & SEO Project 2014 There are ‘experts’ and there are professionals. I recently engaged the services of Keith at Aykira Internet Solutions to untangle the mess which my former ‘experts’ had created. The mysterious world of the internet, website, ranking and keywords was much too confusing for me so I employed Read more about Testimonials[…]