Listed below are various Mobile Apps and WordPress Plugins that we have developed which you can download.

Mobile Apps

Maths Bug

An Android application that will teach mental maths skills from basic addition all the way up to algebra and trig. For children and adults.

Maths Bug keeps mental processes healthy and improves numeracy – feed your mental arithmetic brain and give it a daily fun workout! Downloaded over 70,000 times!

Download here .

Eco & Green Dictionary

A Green dictionary of 850+ environmental, ecological, solar power & wind power, energy efficiency, climate change, weather, recycling, global warming and general ‘green’ terms and definitions. Based on the definitions on .Totally free!

Download here

Property Search Organizer

Buying a house for sale or renting a flat? Planning to buy or rent a house? This organizer will be of use to you, it provides a handy way to collect and maintain details of realty for sale as you do your searching and appraisal of the real estate market. No more lost notes or phone numbers, unreadable scribbles, missed appointments or mixed up photos of property.

Download here

R & U-Value Calculator

With this calculator you can work out the effective R-Value or U-Value for a set of materials (with their total width). This is used to work out the required amount of insulating material needed to meet energy efficiency regulations for a given wall, floor or ceiling. Handy for a builder, architect, designer or home owner looking to improve energy efficiency in their project and in dong so save money. Also useful for quickly comparing the energy efficiencies of different finishes (i.e. single glass pane compared to low E glass and curtains, etc; the results can be quite surprising and cost effective).

Download here

WordPress Plugins

Analytics Control Plus

Set up Google Analytics with options (demographics and enhanced link tracking), JavaScript editing required. Plus does bounce timeouts, so you get more accurate stats. You can also exclude logged in users, so your own edits don’t count towards the stats.

Download here