Personal Information Security

PII HackingSecuring Personal Information in a business is a critical undertaking. Failure to appropriately secure Personal Information can result in information breaches, heavy fines and a loss of business reputation which could impact the long viability of a business.

In most countries, it is a requirement when handling Personal Information to abide by privacy regulations. This requires that a business not only secure the Personal Information but that they interact with individuals to obtain consent to process prior to processing the information.

What is Personal Information?

Simply put Personal Information is information that relates to single individual and either be used to uniquely identify them or could be of a highly sensitive personal nature to them. Information like:

  • Name, age, address, telephone numbers,
  • Financial status and associated account records,
  • Medical information,
  • Biometric Information,
  • Their image

Is but a sample of what could be considered Personal Information and as a business, you need to be seen to be handling such information in an appropriate manner.

The risks are real

In 2017 alone over 3 million records of personal information were reported as stolen, costing an estimated $17 billion in damages. This is but the tip of a very large iceberg of cybercrime. In 2017 it is reckoned the APAC region alone incurred $1.7 trillion in cybercrime damages. This has a terrible cost to businesses and individuals alike.

So if you do nothing about how you process Personal Information, it is not so much a matter of if you will suffer a breach, it is more a question of when…

At Aykira we have extensive experience in securing and designing systems at all scale points (single systems up to large multinational cloud deployments). We know what must be done to build security into systems from the core. Aykira can also provide training to your teams to improve general security and Personal Information awareness as needed. Aykira can also provide a cost-effective audit of your systems to assess security qualities and what needs to be done to comply with regulations.

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