robots.txt Pen Test extension

Given that I’m seeing an increase in unauthorised, and essentially illegal, Pen Tests against business production instances, which only serve to: Test the firewalls around your production instance (rather than testing the application code directly), Put at serious risk the availability of the web service under ‘test’ by consuming resources that should be only used Read more about robots.txt Pen Test extension[…]

Moving WordPress sites

Moving a WordPress site to another hosting provider can sometimes not go exactly to plan. Listed below are some common problems that can occur and how to fix them. Blank page.. Did you actually put the website directly ‘in’ the public_html directory and not in a subdirectory? Most cPanel installations serve the main site straight Read more about Moving WordPress sites[…]

The importance of a specification and a budget!

Just had an interesting email exchange with a perspective client who wanted us to work on an unfinished WordPress website abandoned by the previous website developer… It appears that there is no brief or specification document to be found and no idea on budget, yet he was quite willing to have a chat and see Read more about The importance of a specification and a budget![…]

Online Security and Hungry Caterpillars – they have a lot in common…

Websites or online services come under constant attack from hackers using automated scripts, if left unmanaged such attacks can consume sufficient resources to impact your quality of service, negatively impacting your brand. This article explains why this is a major problem and what the solution is. Online Security Matters, Dictionary Attacks are everywhere Every online Read more about Online Security and Hungry Caterpillars – they have a lot in common…[…]

SEO dangers of one box hosting…

Something we have noticed is that people seem to be very keen to try and minimise their hosting costs, by getting the cheapest plan available and then putting all their websites into the one account. On the one hand this can be very good strategy at reducing recurrent costs, but if done ‘blindly’ it can Read more about SEO dangers of one box hosting…[…]

Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do

When setting up a new website there are several key elements you need to get right from the start. 1. Setup Google Webmaster As soon as your website is live, you should really set it up to linked up to Google Webmaster, this will allow you to: Track what search terms on Google your website Read more about Setting up a new Website, the minimum you must do[…]

Website Analytics Graph

Growing your website traffic

Growing your website traffic is like any endeavour worth doing, it takes a certain degree of determination and focus combined with some knowledge and helpful tools & resources. You can grow your website traffic, it is possible – but you must understand this is not something that will occur overnight. There is no magic bullet Read more about Growing your website traffic[…]

Website Analysis Tool

Is your website pulling its weight? How do you know?   Aykira has developed an easy to use tool to help….   Getting your website to do its best for your business requires a lot of expert knowledge and technical know how. Your website needs to both appeal to the human audience and the machine Read more about Website Analysis Tool[…]

Scaling Websites to Perform

[two_third valign=”top” animation=”none”] It’s one thing to have a website developed and running, it’s something else to make it work at scale in a way that is cost effective and manageable. Aykira can help you scale up your website and make it fly. We have direct experience dealing with maintaining websites with up to a Read more about Scaling Websites to Perform[…]

Security Upgrades to Website Hosting

In response to attacks on WordPress sites worldwide that use 3 common plugins (which are often included in Commercial themes) we have been busy upgrading our website hosting to effectively guard against such attacks. We now provide as standard for all websites we host: Scanning every 30 minutes of web files looking for viruses, back-doors, Read more about Security Upgrades to Website Hosting[…]

Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects

Google has just recently announced that your website being mobile responsive will be taken into account when they ‘rank’ your website in their index. What does this mean? Basically if your website does not display well on mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets) they will mark down your website in the searches – Read more about Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects[…]

Cost Effective SEO

SEO can be done cost effectively, in fact if its done right it can also save you money on SEM… Your website needs to be discoverable by search engines and indexed for keywords which match your products and services, this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. SEO is part science, part art, and Read more about Cost Effective SEO[…]

Event Tourism & Accommodation Booking Engine Improvements

We are just putting the finishing touches to a whole range of new features for the Aykira Booking Engine . Fully automatic Gift Voucher support, no more printing or posting of Gift vouchers – let the booking engine take the load.. Delay booking payments – ideal for those large tour operators with constantly changing booking Read more about Event Tourism & Accommodation Booking Engine Improvements[…]

Is WordPress Secure? Can you build complex websites with WordPress?

I read with interest an article in a local Norwest publication making the claim that due to WordPress being widely used and Open Source it is a security risk.. Also that due to it being ‘unsophisticated’ you cannot do complex websites on it. These statements are so wrong and ill considered it’s difficult to know Read more about Is WordPress Secure? Can you build complex websites with WordPress?[…]

WordPress Booking Engine Upgrade

We have just finished adding support for Channels to the Aykira Booking Engine . Channels allow you to associate either a percentage or a fixed figure against a certain channel by which a booking was taken. This way resellers can be correctly rewarded for their efforts without you having to do any complex maths. The Read more about WordPress Booking Engine Upgrade[…]

Don’t be invisible online

Matt Cutts from Google explains in the video below exactly why you need a website for your business… It’s pretty simple really, if you don’t have a website and depend upon having entries in Yellow Pages and the like, then literally the only people who are going to find you are: People who have already Read more about Don’t be invisible online[…]