PII Hacking

What is PII Really?

PII (Personally Identifiable Information) broadly speaking is information that relates directly to the individual (you) and allows you to be individually identified, plus it is often of a sensitive private nature. We explain in this article what it is and how to protect yourself against people trying to steal your identity through PII. Why is Read more about What is PII Really?[…]

Systems Architecture & Security, winning at both

Online systems need to be both secure and designed to last, so how can you achieve both and not blow the budget? This article covers a few simple principals you can adopt which are both good for your systems architecture and good for your security. #1 System Components should only do what they say on Read more about Systems Architecture & Security, winning at both[…]

Just turn off telnet everywhere now…

According to this article Cisco just had a bit of a shock in the Vault 7 CIA leak – namely that a simple malformed telnet command to one of its effected switches can either reboot it or get it to execute commands with admin privileges (or the equivalent of admin). This is a Zero Day as Read more about Just turn off telnet everywhere now…[…]

PayPal SSL upgrade to TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1

PayPal have committed to a longer signing key length and part of this is in the need to upgrade your SSL and CURL stack to support TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1, this will hit most people via the IPN acknowledgement call back. Why the longer key length? Basically over time the ability of computers to ‘crack’ a Read more about PayPal SSL upgrade to TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1[…]

Online Security and Hungry Caterpillars – they have a lot in common…

Websites or online services come under constant attack from hackers using automated scripts, if left unmanaged such attacks can consume sufficient resources to impact your quality of service, negatively impacting your brand. This article explains why this is a major problem and what the solution is. Online Security Matters, Dictionary Attacks are everywhere Every online Read more about Online Security and Hungry Caterpillars – they have a lot in common…[…]

Security and Architecture – always consider both together

Software or Systems architecture is often undertaken from a very technical point of view, the main concerns being around reducing technical complexity and dependencies to make it easier to deal with change in the long run. This is fine for ‘standalone systems’ but in today’s highly interconnected world – the boundary of a system is often Read more about Security and Architecture – always consider both together[…]

Security Upgrades to Website Hosting

In response to attacks on WordPress sites worldwide that use 3 common plugins (which are often included in Commercial themes) we have been busy upgrading our website hosting to effectively guard against such attacks. We now provide as standard for all websites we host: Scanning every 30 minutes of web files looking for viruses, back-doors, Read more about Security Upgrades to Website Hosting[…]

Internet Explorer Security Flaw

According to this article in Time a truly massive security flaw has been discovered in Internet Explorer on XP. In fact it is so serious that a national security alert has been issued! The way the flaw works sounds similar to that with the HeartBleed bug – in that a hacker can access resources that Read more about Internet Explorer Security Flaw[…]

Common Security Mistakes That Business Website Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

Cybercriminals and Internet fraudsters are singling out e-commerce sites and blogs of small businesses for their unscrupulous attacks. Nevertheless, as a business website owner, you can enact some simple precautions to thwart the evil designs of these unwanted intruders. The “Fort Disco” Botnet’s Brute-Force Tactic Both small business networks, as well as, their websites are Read more about Common Security Mistakes That Business Website Owners Make & How to Avoid Them[…]

The Importance of Website Loading Speed & Top 3 Factors That Limit Website Speed

The speed of your business website matters. Quick-loading websites perform better on every front: higher search ranking, superior user experience, and better user engagement. Most importantly, fast-loading websites deliver higher conversions and higher revenue. Slow Websites Hinder Mobile Traffic If you’re targeting mobile traffic and income (who isn’t), your website speed becomes even more critical. Read more about The Importance of Website Loading Speed & Top 3 Factors That Limit Website Speed[…]

Online Security

Having an independent assessment of your online security can highlight security weaknesses. At Aykira we have the expertise to conduct in-depth security audits that you can use to harden your systems and reduce your business risks. We also have the skills base to remediate problems found. We consider it very important that your systems be Read more about Online Security[…]

Hackers want your business website data!

According to reports (see here & here), hackers are becoming a lot smarter in how they attack websites. Rather than trying to individually attack each website they have recognised that standard frameworks are being used to create and maintain websites and thereby making it somewhat easier to attack a whole class of websites ‘en mass’ Read more about Hackers want your business website data![…]