Software Architecture Really Matters to Business Success

Software Architect unfortunately is often seen as one of those ‘nice to do’ things by many businesses. Typically the architecture of a business system (especially in a start-up or online business) tends to ‘evolve’ (putting it nicely) over time – there is usually no unified attempt to create an architecture until you realise you have[…]

Vagrant and Propel – external configuration and tabs

I’m currently using Vagrant with a client to help automate their development build processes. We want to try as much as possible to make the dev environment match the final production environment. So I can set up the script to use environmental variable overrides so we can easily go from an ‘all-in-one’ development deployment[…]

Software Development- remember the user but don’t forget the engineer…

If you have been involved for software engineering for any length of time, you soon realise that there is a lot more to software than just the end product. Despite the efforts of many to try and turn the development of software into a turn key process, there is still an evident ‘gap’ between those[…]

CTO For Hire Services

Havings problems scaling your business website? Unable to implement what your business needs online? Not sure about the technical quality of your website? If you are business looking for assistance with technical matters online, we can help. We provide CTO for hire services to businesses in the Sydney region. Our ability to provide such a service is backed[…]

Software Systems Architecture

Are you getting the business return you expected from your technology investment? Are you complying with all the privacy regulations? Aykira provides in-depth software systems architecture skills either to lead business projects or to supplement expertise in your technology teams. This helps to ensure you’re getting the best from your investment in technology. We can audit[…]

Systems Development Consultancy

Aykira undertakes a large variety of consultancy work for our clients. Our mix of skills gives us the ability to tackle a range of complex technical problems that others simply cannot; we are often called in to address effectively problems left unsolved by others. Listed below are some of the jobs which we have undertaken;[…]