Security Event Logging, why it is so important

Every once in awhile I get asked why detailed event logging is so important when setting up cybersecurity controls at a business. In this article will attempt to explain why this is critically important. To log or not to log, that is question… When it comes to logging security events and being able to make Read more about Security Event Logging, why it is so important[…]

How much should you spend on an external PenTest?

External Penetration Tests today come in all shapes and sizes, from the rudimentary highly automated scanning to the more detailed and human-driven PenTests, with often widely ranging costs to boot (3 to 4 times difference is not unusual for essentially the same thing). Sometimes it’s difficult to work out what form of external PenTest is Read more about How much should you spend on an external PenTest?[…]

Will the last AU based start-up please turn off the light?

It appears the Australian Federal Government is determined to do a Thelma & Louise and literally drive off a cliff into the abyss over truly mindless and ill-conceived legislation as concerns encryption, privacy and security. It has the potential to make us totally uncompetitive in global information technology markets and cut off at the knees a fledgling Read more about Will the last AU based start-up please turn off the light?[…]

PII Hacking

Privacy and Security go hand in hand

In our modern world its difficult to comprehend how many systems hold various bits of information on you, it ranges from banks, credit score agencies, dentists, all the way to SaaS providers and your telco. Social networks also have mountains of information on you that they mine to work out your personal preferences, so they Read more about Privacy and Security go hand in hand[…]

Australian Privacy Policy

Privacy and Your Business, what are the risks?

Privacy is a big concern if you are running a business, regardless of size. All businesses need to keep sensitive information about their customers, staff, associations and potential customers – all of this will contain information that pertains to individuals which could cause them (and you) harm if illegal accessed or divulged. Further the ability Read more about Privacy and Your Business, what are the risks?[…]

Start-up Incubators in Sydney

Below are a list of Start-Up Incubators that currently operate in Sydney and are principally Australia/Sydney focussed. Note: I have not incubators which are part of a global chain or organisation, these are ‘home grown’ incubators only… BTW if you think I’ve missed someone that should be on this list – let me know. Cicada Read more about Start-up Incubators in Sydney[…]

Beware of Salesmen bearing SLA’s

This is in relation to some consulting with a business about whether to use an Off The Shelf (OTS) solution for some auth middleware or not. To OTS or not to OTS – is that the question? Sorry for mangling Shakespeare but when considering an OTS solution, compared to doing something else (like doing in Read more about Beware of Salesmen bearing SLA’s[…]

Website Checker Soft Launch

We have just finished putting together an online tool for website owners or developers who are looking for a one stop place to check their websites. See The idea for the tool came from a core frustration with how bad most websites we came across were in terms of: Very Slow Performance – Taking absolutely Read more about Website Checker Soft Launch[…]

Event Tourism & Accommodation Booking Engine Improvements

We are just putting the finishing touches to a whole range of new features for the Aykira Booking Engine . Fully automatic Gift Voucher support, no more printing or posting of Gift vouchers – let the booking engine take the load.. Delay booking payments – ideal for those large tour operators with constantly changing booking Read more about Event Tourism & Accommodation Booking Engine Improvements[…]

Start-ups, Investment and Education in Australia: we need to do better

(This is a copy of a post I recently wrote on LinkedIN). I read Stuart McKeown’s post ‘Why Being an Australian Startup Sucks’ with interest. Especially in light of the recent failure of 99dresses and the in-depth exposé of the roller coaster Nicki Durkin went through. On the face of it Stuart’s article indicates that Read more about Start-ups, Investment and Education in Australia: we need to do better[…]

Galston High School Library Fire – Second Hand Laptops wanted!

2 weeks ago, on a Sunday night, the Galston High School suffered a terrible fire that completely gutted the library. All books, awards, history and computers went up in an intense fire. So hot everything got completely destroyed, even metal awards and shelving… The biggest problem they face, apart from replacing the lost books, is Read more about Galston High School Library Fire – Second Hand Laptops wanted![…]

Start-up News Roundup – 24th April

Below is our selection of news and events in the Australian start-up community for the week so far. A little bit light with this week being wedged between Easter and Anzac Day. TechCrunch calls out Australia’s venture capital issues, but get a key fact wrong It appears that TechCrunch got in hot water by overstating Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 24th April[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 17th April

Below is our roundup of startup news in Australia for the week. Guy Kawasaki Aims to Democratize Design Through Aussie Startup Canva Quite a biggie this, Guy Kawasaki has joined the startup Canva, based in Sydney, as their Chief Evangelist according to this article in xconomy. Unfortunately he won’t be based in Sydney, but it Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 17th April[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 3rd April

This is a collection of news for the week so far, published every Thursday morning. If you have any news you would like to see here, use our contact form. Local start-up taps into Google ad campaign Tapit signs a deal with Google to promote Google Play in this article in the Australian. Discretionary grant Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 3rd April[…]

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS), used on over 17 million websites worldwide. We can do custom WordPress development. WordPress is a highly flexible CMS, allowing people to operate a whole variety of websites, such as: Blogging sites Simple static Business sites E-Commerce Sites Online Directories Community Networks WordPress Development Service Read more about WordPress Developer[…]

Start-up News Roundup – 27th March

Four ways to boost Australian innovation An interesting article in Australian Mining of all places that covers some techniques on how to get funding for innovative ideas. When your first idea is over: Sidekicker on the pressures of pivoting When to pivot (change strategic direction), the age old question. In this article by Rose Powell Read more about Start-up News Roundup – 27th March[…]

Nightmare Hosting

A Clients Hosting Providers Upgrade Nightmare (or not how to do it)…

Thought I’d share this tail of woe one of our clients just experienced… We have just done a complete redesign of their website and fixed several technical problems in the site, as well as making it fully responsive. We DO NOT host them (although we will be soon, with a few others in tow), we Read more about A Clients Hosting Providers Upgrade Nightmare (or not how to do it)…[…]