Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN)

According to this page, it looks like a body specifically tasked with growing the cyber security abilities in Australia is currently establishing itself.

Craig Davies, former head of security for Atlassian, is the head of the government’s new Cyber Security Growth Centre, which launched with $31.9 million of funding provided over three years.

According to this article, Davies said his aim was to create a true network with nodes in each state and territory. “These will essentially be franchises of the national body. This will give them a voice at the table and ensure they are participating in the national conversation and that they are aligned to the national priorities.”

What we also liked is that he wants to organically grow the security community and improve the connectedness and diversity of skills available – in that way businesses in the longer term will be more likely to stay and grow here.

In short good news for cyber security in Australia.

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