Top 5 Startup Story Articles

A beginning is a sensitive time, especially if you are a startup looking to make an impression on the world. You need a way to stand out and be seen as different to the rest. Usually at this stage the only way you can differentiate yourself is by your own startup story – in essence how you came to be.

Getting your story right is often critical to creating the right ‘buzz’ around your startup, done well it can be an almost viral aid in taking your startup to the next level, done wrong and it’s doom & gloom.

Detailed below are several articles that we think will help you get your startup story mix just right.

Tell it, Don’t Sell It

This article gives 5 key tips on how to get your story just right.

How to Tell Your Company’s Story

This article is a set of interviews with several startup partners and people in the startup community as to why your startup story is so important.

Why your startup story is important to hiring top talent

This article covers how having the right startup story can assist you in getting the right people working for your startup.

3 Reasons Your Startups Story Is Fundamental

This article underlines just how important your startup story is.

Give Your Brand a Voice: How to Develop a Strong Startup Story

An excellent article covering what you need to do to get your startup story spot on.


There is also the book ‘Storytelling for Startups’ that could well be helpful. Enjoy

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