Website Checker Soft Launch

We have just finished putting together an online tool for website owners or developers who are looking for a one stop place to check their websites. See

The idea for the tool came from a core frustration with how bad most websites we came across were in terms of:

  • Very Slow Performance – Taking absolutely ages to load..
  • Stupid or non existent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Resulting in the website getting either zero traffic or the wrong traffic
  • Badly set up SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – Resulting in paying over the odds for advertising.
  • Poor Mobile & Tablet Support – Either completely missing, or half done.
  • Glaring Security Weaknesses – You could literally drive a bus through some of the security holes we have come across.
  • Out of date website coding practises – Things have moved on somewhat for the better in the last few years…

It struck us that the ‘bad’ websites greatly outnumber the ‘good’ websites out there, based on what we were dealing with. We suspect this flood of ‘badness’ is due to the fact that most website operators don’t know what is actually ‘good’ as such, they don’t have the technical or experience background to make such a judgement, and often they find out too late they have an online lemon – so, in response this (& in part to make our own lives easier) we have created the Website Checker to help make that quality judgement and be on the website owners side.

For instance, yesterday we were on the phone with a plumber who had a website done by website development agency. We  ran his site through the Website Checker and it came back with a score of 25 out of 100! Lemons all the way down:

  • He had no way of updating the content on the site;
  • The actual coding of the website was terrible, I’m pretty sure my 14 year old son could have done better;
  • None exist SEO, well there was some, all around multiple hidden links in the footer pointing back to said website development agency websites (dirty pool!);
  • Not mobile responsive at all…

The Website Checker discovered all the faults and problems in the website and presented it up in a way which was of immediate use.

So with the Website Checker it can help you:

  • Evaluate the work done by a developer or SEO/SEM expert, by generating before & after reports and measure what they actually did.
  • Check your advertising campaign landing pages and then share the report(s) with your SEO/SEM expert to help you get the most of your advertising spend.
  • Make sure your website hosting is actually performing and secure.
  • Keep an eye on the quality of your website over time, especially if it’s evolving quickly.

The tool performs over 150 different tests and checks on the web page, everything from SEO, performance & accessibility through to your spelling. We think this is an excellent tool to help website owners improve the quality of their websites without needing a PhD in websites to make it happen.

So, to give the website checker a whirl, click here .

If you want to see an example of it being used, click here .

Note: it is a charged for service, there is a lot of hard won ‘smarts’ in the tool, but you can use it for little as $4; which we think will soon pay for itself in no time at all with the control it gives to you over the quality of your website.

Also Note: It’s early days for the website checker, so if you have any feedback or find anything wrong, please drop us a line on our contact form , we will reward good feedback with additional report credits.

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