Security Upgrades to Website Hosting

In response to attacks on WordPress sites worldwide that use 3 common plugins (which are often included in Commercial themes) we have been busy upgrading our website hosting to effectively guard against such attacks. We now provide as standard for all websites we host:

  • Scanning every 30 minutes of web files looking for viruses, back-doors, etc and automatic quarantining of anything found.
  • Fine grain filtering of requests to defeat security weakness scanning scripts and associated exploits.
  • Strategically placed ‘honey pots’ to trigger scripts and thereby reveal themselves so they can be locked out quickly.
  • More plugins set up to automatically update.

This all occurs ‘behind the scenes’ independently of the websites. In this way we can focus on providing a secure environment and you can focus on your website.

Note: There are other things going on behind the scenes on the security front with our hosting, but we do not want to show our hand to any hackers who may be reading this post.

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