SEO Experts what to know

It seems that everybody involved in websites claims to be experts in SEO. It is our experience that this is definitely not the case. Many websites are built with little true regard to the SEO qualities and what the client wants to focus on in terms of traffic and objectives.

So how do you know you have a real SEO expert or someone in it for a fast sale?

First off, if they say they can get you to the #1 spot for a search term, be very careful. yes, they can probably get you to #1 for a search term, but I bet that term is searched for about roughly once a year, i.e. there is no competition to ‘beat’ to get to the #1 spot. Also check to see if their Terms of payment are conditional on reaching the #1 spot, if so, they have just set you up – they will get you to #1 for a search term that is going to do nothing for you and they walk away with the money…

Second, do they want you to commit to a one year ‘campaign’ of managing the SEO on your website for a fixed fee per month? Again be very careful, as most SEO work is in the setting up of the website, after that it should be minor tweaks and tunes to get the right content focus based on the actual traffic the website gathers.

Third, do they jump right to wanting to use AdWords campaigns instead of SEO? This is bad news, as SEO is ‘linked’ to SEM/AdWords – good SEO can reduce your ongoing AdWords costs, which for those selling on AdWords translates to reduced revenue…

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