Mobile Responsive Websites – SEO effects

Google has just recently announced that your website being mobile responsive will be taken into account when they ‘rank’ your website in their index.

What does this mean? Basically if your website does not display well on mobile devices (such as smart phones and tablets) they will mark down your website in the searches – so your competition who is mobile responsive will gain traffic. In effect the website being mobile responsive will become an SEO factor at the end of April

Why are Google doing this?

It’s quite simple really, more and more people are using the Internet from mobile devices and Google want to take people to websites that are usable. Estimates are that over 50% of all traffic on the Internet comes from mobile devices…

How do I know if my website is mobile responsive?

Simply try to use your website on a smart phone, you are mobile responsive if:

  • The layout of the site changes between holding the phone upright (portrait) and then long ways (landscape)
  • The text and images properly fit the image and are readable without having to ‘pinch zoom’ the page
  • All the navigation links work as they should, menus shouldn’t ‘stick’ or forms become unusable.

Help! My website is not mobile responsive!

Help is at hand, Aykira has the skills and experience to help you turn your website into a mobile responsive website. Please contact us today.

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