Event Tourism & Accommodation Booking Engine Improvements

We are just putting the finishing touches to a whole range of new features for the Aykira Booking Engine .

  • Fully automatic Gift Voucher support, no more printing or posting of Gift vouchers – let the booking engine take the load..
  • Delay booking payments – ideal for those large tour operators with constantly changing booking details.
  • Define easily exclusive use rules between resources.
  • Multiple payment gateway support – it’s now very easy for us to support a whole range of payment gateways…
  • Powerful calendar widget – makes it very easy to get people in to book, very low friction.
  • Plus a whole load of other little tweaks and tunes throughout the whole booking engine system, taking it to a whole new level of functionality and power.

These are all based on feedback from our current user base, who absolutely love the ease with which they can manage and control the whole event tourism and accommodation booking process from booking through to final fulfilment.

So, why suffer old fashioned locked in cryptic booking systems, when you can use a Booking Engine baked right into your website(s), with all the power and ease of use that brings? Free your staff up to deal with the delivery of your event or service, instead of being slaves to complex systems.

If this sounds like something that could be of use to you, please get in touch .