WordPress Booking Engine Upgrade

We have just finished adding support for Channels to the Aykira Booking Engine .

Channels allow you to associate either a percentage or a fixed figure against a certain channel by which a booking was taken. This way resellers can be correctly rewarded for their efforts without you having to do any complex maths.

The fee is taken from the before tax amount and is reported monthly against each channel supported in the system. Note: The channel is paid in the same month you are paid in full for each booking – just booking without payment will not result in you having to pay a fee to the channel. This keeps everyone honest.

Each channel can be assigned a code to allow it to be entered when filling in the normal online booking form, or the channel can be selected from the admin side booking form. Note: the code can be the same as a voucher code, so it could also enable a discount for booking via a given channel if you so wish.

So, if this sounds like something that could be of use to you, please get in touch .


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