latest Internet Trends Report 2014

KPCB have just released their latest internet trends report, see here .

For us it comes as no surprise that:

  • Smart phone usage to access the Internet is still on the increase;
  • Tablet usage is exploding (faster than uptake on PC’s ever!);
  • Majority (97%) of mobile OS’es are either iOS, Android or Windows mobile;
  • Video and Image sharing is on the rise (1.8B images a day shared!);

Big Data is also becoming a major force across many fronts, solving problems in ways not possible before.

To us the report highlights the ongoing move to mobile based access to web services. For businesses this is particularly important:

  1. You need to check if your website is mobile responsive now. i.e. can it be read easily from smart phones and tablets, and does it load quickly.
  2. You need to be utilizing social media more and actually networking online with your customers. People like to see a ‘social’ business.

if your website is not mobile responsive or you would like to learn more, please get in touch .