Galston High School Library Fire – Second Hand Laptops wanted!

2 weeks ago, on a Sunday night, the Galston High School suffered a terrible fire that completely gutted the library. All books, awards, history and computers went up in an intense fire. So hot everything got completely destroyed, even metal awards and shelving…

The biggest problem they face, apart from replacing the lost books, is that all the lender laptops were in the library to be updated and they got completely destroyed.

The lender laptops are used by children of families who cannot afford to buy a laptop themselves. Given the very technical nature of teaching these days, not having a laptop puts them at a considerable disadvantage. So laptops are needed rather urgently to replace those lost.


Therefore I’m asking that if you have a 2 to 3 year old laptop (that can run Windows 8) that you would like to go to a good home – well here is your chance. I’m willing to drive anywhere around Sydney and pick up laptops. I will also ensure the hard drive is completely blanked for you.

If you don’t have a laptop available, you can also buy a new one for as little as $450, Kogan and JB Hifi have laptops in this price range that are suitable (again must run Windows 8)

If you are willing to help please useour contact form to get in touch. At the very least please share this around or send it someone who you think could help the school.

I’m also asking big businesses directly to see if they can help out; I’m sure the school and local community would be very appreciative of any help.

Kind Regards

Keith Marlow

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