Start-up News Roundup – 13th March

Hi, this round-up of news related to Australia Start-ups I’m aiming to write about every one to two weeks. If there is anything you want to see covered, let me know – Enjoy!   Keith

When start-ups become grown-ups, where do they go for money?

In this article,  Sam Chandler argues that Australia’s innovation funding environment is akin to having a great primary school system but no secondary schools or universities. Start-ups need a better go from the public and private sector, including superannuation funds.

CareerOne shifts gears to data game, partners with start-ups

In this article, CareerOne, led by chief executive Karen Lawson (an ex Yahoo), is no longer second to SEEK in the recruitment advertising market, because it has redefined the market it is in.

Silicon Valley mentor warns Perth start-up community to unite or collapse

The Perth start-up community has welcomed a warning by leading international start-up mentor (Adeo Ressi) to unite or fail, saying they’re already collaborating well. Read more.

Here’s Why Australia Limits Some Start-Up Investing To The Rich And How Things Might Change

A possible change in regulations on raising money from the public could be on the cards.. Read more.

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