Start-up News Roundup – 20th March

Equity crowd-funding for start-ups just a tweak away

According to an article in the Australian Financial Review, we could be a hairs bredth away from equity crowd-funding in Australia (for those who can’t get past the pay-wall of print media doom see here instead for a similar article).

Don’t kill your startup by heading to the United States too early: Palo Alto lawyer

In this article in Startup Smart Paul Chen argues that Australian start-ups are moving to the US too early in their value cycle, so finding it as equally difficult to raise money there as here. (this is something I tend to agree upon, no such thing as easy money; if you cannot cut it here, you certainly won’t cut it there).

Aussie startup Local Measure takes it global with new offices

This article in the Australian Financial Review the start-up Local Measure is taking the plunge overseas, opening offices in the United States and Singapore.

Incubators vs Accelerators: Choosing the right start-up path

An article in The Business Spectator looking at the differences between Incubators and Accelerators based upon a few interviews. Myself, I think start-ups also need to consider the value in going alone and treading the path not trodden before. The technology used to implement an idea often ends up defining the directions the idea can go in, cookie-cutter frameworks can be the death of a truly unique idea. Technology should be utilised as a lever to take you in the direction you need to go, no point being leveraged in the wrong direction… Keep that in the back of your mind and you’ll do good.

Eventbrite buys ticket to success in Australia

Eventbrite sets up shop in Asia, according to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Exciting opportunities for JV’s and partnerships…

We can help you, Malcolm Turnbull tells Australian start-ups

Sounds like we might be getting a reduction in red tape, ‘friendly’ taxation and better representation to help start-ups, according this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Cross your fingers and toes…

Aussie entrepreneur Ben Werther lands $US38m for big data start-up

Excellent news, according to an article in the Australian Financial Review, Ben Werther has secured $38m USD from investors for his big data business Platfora.

Cisco to inject $US100 million into start-ups

Before you start ringing up Cisco on speed dial, this is mostly focussed around the Australian mining sector. Read more at the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald.

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