Market to the early adopters and not the mass market

I was surfing around the Internet, as one does, and I came across the following thought provoking video from TED…

Its called ‘How to get your ideas to spread’ by Seth Godin.

Given the earlier videos by Simon Sinek, and the date of the Seth Godin video (2003); it appears that the ‘job’ in trying to sell to the public has become increasingly difficult to do ‘en mass’. Combine this with the rise of online media consumption and guaranteed advertising visibility is a real problem.

Now combine the above with what this article has found. To Quote:

Why I find this interesting is that there is a real lesson here for those of us who are marketers, or who are using Facebook and other social media for our businesses. While it’s not in the study, I don”t think it’s too far of a stretch to say that most marketing messages we see, and perhaps engage with, are of that same incidental nature. We aren’t there to seek out marketing messages. We aren’t there to seek out businesses and engage with them.

And yet, we stumble on them. We do see marketing messages, and from time to time we engage with them. We click, we share, we comment. We might even be induced to purchase something.

This is a wake up call for marketers and businesses on how we approach social media. It’s a reaffirmation of the word of mouth nature of social media. It’s how real life works. We do some things with intention, but with social media, being a consumer is generally low on our priority list. But that’s when we can often best be reached by marketers: our guard is down, and the right message at the right time might do the trick.

So what does this have to do with a business website?In essence you need to have a website that is an actual ‘destination’ in its own right, something that in part ‘wows’ and also ‘educates’ its visitors, and above all its FRESH.

And that’s key – forget about fine tuning your content – if your website is not seen first as being fresh & new, you won’t get any meaningful uplift over the longer term…. People are time poor – they require the experience and relevance to remain engaged.

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