Internet Consumption Around The World

The infographic below (by shows some truly amazing global trends occurring in the usage of the Internet worldwide.

Of particular interest to me is the rise in smart phones being used as a means to consume Internet based services. This trend (combined with tablet usage) shows no signs of slowing down. To me this just underlines what a recent Pew Research Center’s Internet Project  report discovered, namely:

  • 85% of adults now own a mobile device of some description;
  • Close to 60% of them are using that device to access the Internet;
  • Over 30% have a tablet or e-reading device.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures:

  • There are 16.2 million mobile phones in australia, up by 7% since the December quarter last year, and,
  • There are 12 million Internet subscribers.

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Internet Consumption Around The World