Guy Kawasaki – hints and tips for innovation and start-ups

I’ve recently been watching a few Guy Kawasaki videos of late. He has a wonderful delivery and is able to (largely) stick to his points and ensure the message is delivered.

A few of his videos I’ve embedded below to save to having to hunt for them on the Internet. yes, its over 2 hours in length for both videos, but it will be time well spent.

The second video is particularly telling; given he completely changed the subject matter of his talk given that Steve Jobs had just passed away.

What he says in this talk particularly makes sense to me. All the best products and services have come from passionate individuals looking to solve problems as they perceive them. Design by committee never delivers a product anyone would want to not only use but become a fan of and promote it for you. By all means consult with users and experts, but have the presence of mind to treat them as one of many ‘factors’ that go into the product vision and direction. Also do not be afraid to do different and go where others will not.

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