Property Solutions Australia website is live

Property Solutions Australia help people with financial issues around buying, selling and renting property. They have a new refreshed website now live.

Just a quick note to say that the Property Solutions Australia website is now live. This was quite a interesting website project to work on as they operate in a very SEO competitive space and we needed to ensure the site was structured in the best way possible to attract the right traffic. No point going after ‘selling property’ type phrases, the SEO and paid for competition is just too high. So we deliberately went after the ‘tail’ with the keyword usage and focussed on creating pages focussed on different end case situations.

The end result is an easy to use and attractive website that is also well SEO tuned. The owners of the business were also given extensive training on writing effective blog posts and the importance of keeping the site ‘fresh’ and alive.

Also of note is that we just found that:

So if you are looking for someone to take your online business presence to the next level –  get in touch.

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