MOZ New SEO site feature rankings are out

Every 2 years MOZ does an extensive survey of what a team of SEO professionals think is important when doing on site SEO. The result is below.


So what does this mean in practice?

The big learn here is how much Google Plus influences your site, its the second highest weighting factor. Go for those Google Plus likes like your life depended on it!

Also links from other sites (i.e. on other servers) is the 3rd and 4th highest weighting on the list; this is not something new (well to us) but its amazing how many people totally forget the need to have distinctly separate sites linking to each other.

Also quite incredible is the view that people think the sum of facebook likes/shares etc is only 0.03 behind Google Plus – hmm seems to ‘even’ to me.

The good thing is that ‘traditional’ SEO is still important – the social part is there, but the old ways are still as valid as always.