Google responsive Ad Units

Google have finally announced in Beta responsive ad units.

For those running ads this gets round the problem of trying to work out on the fly which ad unit to display, which given the variety of devices and display formats available now is a bit of a tall order to get right and keep right over time.

To use this, visit your AdSense console, login and create a new ad unit. Then from the drop down of ad sizes, select “Responsive ad unit (BETA).” Yes, it is a beta.

Google warns:

  • Do specify fixed pixel values when setting the width and height of the ad to be served.
  • Ensure that the specified width and height match one of the supported ad sizes. Please note that link unit sizes aren’t supported at the moment.
  • The new ad code is responsive on initial page load only. Subsequent changes to the ad size, such as a screen orientation change, will not cause a new ad to be displayed. We know that this is an important feature for many of you and we’re currently working to address this.
  • Always set a default ad size in case some media queries aren’t supported.

So, a good starting poing, but does not deal well with portrait to landscaping shifts.

If you are interested in using this service, or want a responsive web site; please do get in touch.