Speeding up a slow WordPress website

website_speedA standard WordPress install on something like cPanel can leave a lot to be desired in performance. Does your website display these symptoms:

  • Pages fail to load with a timeout error
  • Images fail to load
  • Pages load but sometimes are ‘broken’ randomly, like they do not know how to lay themselves out
  • Editing and publishing is hit and miss
  • Customers complain they cannot use your website, its too slow

This often a direct result of a WordPress website not ‘attuned’ to its hosting environment, its a bit like a car that hasn’t serviced in years and expecting peak performance from it – it isn’t going to happen.

We can ‘tune’ WordPress and its hosting environment to suit each other much better, on a per hour charge basis ($125 per hour, minimum fee $195, plus GST).

We can also supply CDN services (this is where a world wide cloud of machines assist in servicing your website) from as little as $15 per month per site (plus GST, payable a year in advance) and a one off set up fee per site ($245 plus GST). This will often turn a slow snail of a website into a speed demon and make it possible for you to send out mail shots and perform marketing activities in confidence. This often much more cost effective than changing to a more expensive hosting service.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Not sure about the performance of your website?

Unsure if your website developer actually did a good job?

Not sure if your website is secure?

Aykira has developed an online tool that can help you take control of the situation and get the results you want – the Website Checker .